The Priestess Pods

For when you need more than just a coach.
You need a Priestess, a plan, & the power tools to make it happen.
A mini-mastermind for the early stages of business where the goal is money and magic!



~ a detachable or self-contained unit on a vessel, having a particular function.


~ a spiritual AF leader with magic in her veins, abundance in her Soul, and the power of Divination in her finger tips.


~ ass-kicker & bullshit filter, delivered to Planet Earth to help people get out of their own damn way.

In short, I’ve created a container with me at helm, to guide you to your first 4 and 5 figure months.

If you’re in the early stages of your business and not yet confidently earning the money you desire, you probably need a few things from me and my team:

1. A clear plan of action and strategy to implement
2. More business knowledge so you feel confident in what you’re doing
3. A better understanding of the Universe and all that spiritual swizzle so you’re on the upper hand
4. A mindset shift from scarcity & fear into conscious abundance
5. Someone kicking your ass on a weekly basis to make sure you do the damn thing
6. A community of like-minded Souls cheering you on and keeping you high vibe


What you don’t need is a super expensive 1:1, coaching package or mastermind, another online course teaching you the same shit you’ve heard a million times before, or a group programme with more crickets than cheerleaders.

Can I get a hell yes?!

This is for you if you are not yet in a position to work with me via my 1:1 packages or masterminds, but are desiring rapid growth, high accountability, and a family to join you for the journey.

Here’s WHY I’m doing this:

If you struggle with money & running a business, with no real idea what to do next, what to prioritise, or how to control your monkey mind, I feel for you. I’ve been there.

Those first few years in business can feel agonisingly slow. And trying to learn everything from Google can be time-consuming, Soul-destroying, and head-bashingly confusing.

I see so many entrepreneurs trying to serve everyone without understanding their niche, or their Soul purpose; missing the trick when it comes to high-end packages and signing on new clients; getting their branding completely wrong; and not doing any of the mindset & consciousness work that ultimately needs to be your rock solid foundation.

It’s like trying to build on quick sand. It’s never going to stand!

Ultimately, people give up. Or they end up with a really expensive hobby.

You deserve a business that pays you what you’re worth, makes money on auto-pilot, and has you jumping out of bed every morning excited to do life!

And unless you can afford to hire a kick-ass coach on a 1:1 basis, there wasn’t really another option to get everything you need with speed.

On our Priestess Pod journey you can expect to:
Create a clear plan of action for establishing and building your business


Clean up your branding & niche so you’re laser targeted on your messaging & your audience

Get your website and tech systems set up and fully functional & effective 
Shift your mindset using the Priestess cerebral programming 
Learn how to use your social media effectively to grow your mailing list


Access deep insights to how the Universe works & your place in the world
Help designing your products, services, and pricing structures
Methodical teachings on how to establish & leverage network connections
The latest manifesting hacks according to the Energetic Intelligence upgrades


Alignment techniques to prevent the perpetual cycle of self-sabotage 

And much more

To work with me for 3 months usually requires an investment of over £6000 , but admission to the Priestess Pods requires only £444 a month (for 3 months)!

Here’s what’s included when you join:

 Six online group Zoom training calls – this is your time to be taught, coached, and ask all your questions about life & business.

 Weekly group accountability calls with my team –  to keep you laser focused (this is absolute gold for keeping you on track)

 Access to the Tech Business Basics Dashboard – for everything you need to get you started in your business. PLUS 3 Hours of tech support from my team.

 Access to an exclusive Priestess Pod Facebook group – for extra support from me and my team

 Pod Only Voxer Group to support you on your journey

 50% discount on 1:1 Coaching Calls with Certified Coach Mia

 Exclusive 1:1 Tech Call add on option for when you need that extra support

You’ll also have access to recordings of all of our live calls.

 All for a monthly investment of £555!

Just imagine what your life and business could look like 3 months from now!

Wouldn’t you love to overflow into a life of expansion, abundance & consciousness?!

 It’s decision time babe!

If all of life is an illusion, and you’re not currently living the reality you desire, isn’t it time to undo what doesn’t work, and step into your power?

Monthly Investment

£555 Monthly (incl. VAT)

Today’s investment of £555 will guarantee you a spot in one of our Priestess Pods.

You will then have two further monthly payments of £555.

three month Investment

*Most Popular*
£1665 (Incl. VAT)

Choose this option and receive ONE* these bonuses: 

Personalised Numerology Report & Audio (from Harriette)

2 Hour Kinesiology Session 

 2 Hours with our Copywriter 

* You can choose any ONE of the above bonuses. Choice must be made within 7 days of purchase and used within 3 months.


What are the dates of the calls

Thursday 26th March 12pm GMT

Thursday 9th April 12pm BST

Thursday 23rd April 12pm BST 

Thursday 7th May 12pm BST

Thursday 21st May 12pm BST

Thursday 4th June 12pm BST

You can use this website to convert it to your local time.*Please note, we will do our absolute best to stick to this schedule, however, these are subject to change if an unforeseen incident arises. All video calls WILL BE RECORDED and you will have access to them while you’re an active member of the Priestess Pod.

When will the accountability calls be?

Accountability calls or WAMs will be held on the same day every week and last around 30 minutes (with the exception of your first two calls).

Your first calls will be a welcome call to meet your fellow pod and the Ask Harriette Team followed by a strategy call where you will set your goals for the next 12 weeks. These calls will be no longer than 1 hour.

Pod 4
Welcome Call Wednesday 25th March 12pm GMT
Strategy Call Wednesday 15th April 12pm BST
First WAM Wednesday 22nd April 12pm BST
Last WAM Wednesday 8th July 12pm BST
Celebration Call Wednesday 15th July 12pm BST


what will the weekly accountability calls entail?

We’ve found that the key to Mastermind success is having people to keep you accountable. The weekly accountability calls are our way to ensure this.

Calls are run by Mia – our incredible Ask Harriette certified coach. 

You’ll start with a Welcome Call to meet your pod and the Ask Harriette team. We’ll talk you through how the pods work and how you can get the most out of the following three months.

You’ll then have a planning/strategy meeting as a pod to discuss and plan your goals for the next three months.

After this each call will focus on your tasks for the upcoming week.

We’ll celebrate at the end of your three months will a celebration call for smashing your goals.

what tech support is included?

You will get access to a treasure trove of business basics trainings to help you take that next step with your business. These will be available on the dashboard for the duration of the Priestess Pod.

You also have 3 hours of tech support to use over the three months to help you build your website, grow your mailing list or any other tech needs you have.

You can also ask any tech Qs in the facebook group or via email. 

If you need that added extra tech support Priestess Pod members can book in extra 1:1 Tech Calls with the Ask Harriette Team.


what is a numerology report?

A Numerology report is a reading of your numerology, which is based on your date of birth. 

We use Tantric Numerology to determine your Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny and Path numbers. 

Each number has a meaning of its own which develops further when combining it with your other numbers. 

Numerology can help us to understand the life path we are taking, what gifts are innate to us and what destiny lies ahead if we can resolve our karma.

Your Numerology Report will include a written breakdown of your numbers and ana more in-depth audio reading. 

what is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle and non invasive therapy. It gives your body a voice, perhaps for the first time. It is a way of getting feedback from your body, via the muscles, about what creates stress for you at a deeper level; this could be nutritionally, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

It can help with:


-Health concerns that aren’t resolving, these could be physical, mental or emotional.

– Support with making or achieving life or work goals; it is great for up levelling, mindset, focus and clarity.

– Dietary concerns, which may include food sensitivities or intolerances, losing weight or giving up sugar. 

 Here’s what previous podders Have achieved

I came to H with a seedling of an idea for how to grow my business, and right off the bat I knew I was going to get the guidance I needed, but I was the one who was going to have to show up and DO THE DAMN WORK. 

Well, a couple of pivots, initiations, ah ha moments and revelations later with H, Mia and the team, and I’ve walked away with my most successful business month yet. I have a whole new way of doing business that lights me up so much (and is now my most loved and asked about service). My money mindset has changed, the way I approach business AND life has changed and I am so much happier & better off for it. 

If you are considering the Priestess Pods for 2020, don’t let your monkey mind get the better of you. Just jump in and do it with everything you have and you will come out afterwards with a whole new perspective on life. It really is magical.

Ali Chambers

Massage Therapist

I’ve loved following Harriette’s and her teams guidance. It’s been a hugely exciting time and so many big changes have occurred since I came across Harriette.

I’ve looked at the world in a different way and had the courage to follow my intuition. It’s been an incredible few months and I genuinely feel abundantly supported at all times.

Harriette is an absolute genius and I’m so grateful to have her help me upgrade my life to the next level and have provided invaluable advice and clarity.

Nicola Shah


And now it’s your turn!